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We provide Python bindings for functions in the toolkit using pybind11.


To install the latest release, you can use pip:

pip install ipctk

If you wish to install the current development code, you can compile the library from scratch. Either clone the repo manually or use git+ with pip:

pip install git+


To manually build the python binding you can either use the script or use cmake directly. The easiest way is to use the script which uses setuptools. To do this, use the following command from the root of the repository:

pip install .

This will build the library and install them on your system.

You can test that the installation was successful by doing

python -c "import ipctk"

CMake Build

Alternatively, you can use cmake directly. To do this, use the following commands from the root of the repository:

mkdir build
cd build
make -j4


  • A tutorial on how to use the toolkit can be found here.

  • We provide a Jupyter notebook (python/example.ipynb) with some simple examples.

  • A function reference can be found here.

Last update: Jun 12, 2024